Lakeside Recreation
  • Shore Ramp Extension Kit 7.5 Feet


    Shore Ramp Extension Kit 7.5 

    Extends the Shore Ramp PWC-50 by 7.5 feet for use where water levels fluctuate or it is desired to get larger watercraft further out of the water.

    This extension kit is suitable for use with the "M4" version of Shore Ramp PWC-50 sold in 2018 or newer (please contact us if you wish to extend an older Shore Ramp).

    Important limitations: 

    The Extended Shore Ramp must be supported in the middle.  It may be necessary to grade the underlying soil/sand or provide other means for structural support of the added middle foot.

    Assembly & Use Instructions

    Kit assembled in U.S.A.  Main aluminum parts fabricated in U.S.A.
    (wheels and some fasteners imported).