Beware Inferior Products

We occasionally get contacted by customers having problems with ramps that it turns out they purchased from another vendor.  Please be aware that there is an imported knock-off of our ramp being sold with metric parts and bolts.

We would hate for you to have a bad experience with inferior lake equipment from other vendors when you think you are buying ours.  The original Shore Ramp PWC-50 is always sold under the brand name Lakeside Recreation here on this website and also on Amazon, Ebay, and other retail sites.

Below is some of the unfortunate feedback we have seen regarding the copy-cat ramps:

Bad Winch




Corrosion / Failure of Fasteners (Not all Stainless?)


Missing Parts, Missing Instructions.

Bolts Threaded Directly into Aluminum May Strip if Over-tightened.

(If you already purchased a competing model and experience problems, we can probably help you out with a replacement winch or some real stainless fasteners)