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Electric Winch Kit

Electric Winch Kit

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The Electric Winch Kit for the Shore Ramp PWC-50 adds another dimension of convenience and luxury to using your PWC from your shoreline.  Simply attach the line and toggle the switch to winch your PWC out of the water in 60 seconds.  The 2500lb rated winch easily pulls even larger 3-seater PWC’s up the ramp without straining.

Lowering the PWC is just as convenient – push the toggle the other way to winch the PWC back down.  The power winch automatically holds the load when stopped at any point.  No risk of the winch handle spinning rapidly if you let go.

The included stainless steel hook won’t corrode when left in the water.  The braided synthetic winch rope is easy on the hands yet super strong and durable.

Powered by a 12v marine/rv or trolling motor battery (not included), the Electric Winch Kit can easily be installed without the need to run expensive wiring and avoids any shock hazard.  A typical group 24 marine/rv battery can power the winch for 50 to 100 cycles before needing recharging.  Such batteries (and compatible chargers) are readily available from retailers such as Wallmart, Home Depot, Sears, Gander Outdoor, and many other marine parts suppliers.  See also our Solar Battery Box option for a convenient way to maintain the battery charge.

New - now includes heavy duty 8' battery cable set with a quick connector.
(new photos coming soon).

If you have two PWC’s on two Shore Ramp PWC-50’s side by side, two Electric Winch Kits can share a single battery.

The Electric Winch Kit bolts on directly in place of the manual winch supplied with the PWC-50.  It can be ordered as an option when purchasing a new Shore Ramp PWC-50, or be retrofitted to existing Shore Ramp PWC-50 installations previously purchased.

Shipping Dimensions & Weight: 16.5w x 10.5d x 8.5"h, 19 lbs. 

Winch Rope Useful Length: 40ft.

Assembly and Use Instructions

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