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DIY Wood Ramp Kit

DIY Wood Ramp Kit

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The Shore Ramp DIY Wood Kit supplies all parts and fasteners you need to build a roller ramp for your PWC using lumber supplied by you.  The finished ramp has the same functionality as our all-aluminum PWC-50 model at about half the total cost.

Works with almost all PWCs.  Large, low-friction rollers make it easy to winch your watercraft up and completely out of the water.  When your watercraft is stored on land, you can put the cover on and off and access it for fueling, cleaning, or other maintenance without getting wet.  When it is time to go boating again, your watercraft can be launched in seconds, getting you on the water without delay.

15' long - handles larger 3-person watercraft with room to spare.  

The Shore Ramp DIY Wood Kit is easy to position on your shore.  For those in more northerly locations where lake equipment must be removed for the winter, the Shore Ramp can be conveniently pulled out.

Compared to a traditional boat lift, the Shore Ramp is quicker and easier to use and does not require adding to your dock.

The DIY Wood Kit is designed to have a sturdy frame constructed of 2x6, 4x4, and 2x4 pressure treated lumber. The brackets and bolts are all hot-dipped galvanized steel, the axles are solid aluminum, and the winch is galvanized, so your ramp will remain corrosion free for many years.  All the structural connections are bolted completely through the wood with washers and backing plates.  Much more durable and robust than using wood screws which can pull loose as the wood ages.

Lumber to be supplied by customer:
QTY     Size      Length
2          2x6      12’
1          2x4      6’         (cut into two 3’ pieces)
1          4x4      4’         (likely need to purchase 8’ and cut)


Tools Suggested for Construction and Assembly:

  • Wood Saw for cross cutting the 2x4’s and the 4x4.

  • 3/8” Drill Bit, 3/4” Drill Bit, 1-1/8” Drill Bit (Spade style suggested)

  • Drill

  • Drill-Guide or a Drill-Press (recommended for precisely-bored holes).

  • 9/16” box wrench + 9/16” socket wrench.

  • Rubber mallet.

  • Medium to large pliers with good gripping teeth.

  • Measuring Tape

  • Marking Pencil & Straight edge

  • Square

  • Clamps

  • Belt Sander or hand sanding block

Assembled Dimensions & Weight: 36” wide, 176” long, 28” high,

Maximum Watercraft Weight: 1200 lbs

Maximum Recommended Watercraft Length: 144”

Maximum Recommended Watercraft Width: 54”

Roller Inside Edge Width: 12.0“

Keel Clearance: 4.0”

Roller Outer Edge Width: 16”

Rollers: 16 Polyolefin, 5” diameter, 2” wide.

Frame Brackets & Fasteners: Hot dipped galvanized steel

Roller Axles: ¾” dia solid aluminum

Winch: Galvanized steel. 1200 lbs rating.

Shipping Dimensions & Weight:

Ships in 2-4 days via UPS. 

Assembly & Use Instructions

Kit packaged in U.S.A.  
Main parts fabricated in U.S.A.
(wheels, winch imported).

Patent Pending

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