Avoid Inferior Products

Please be aware that there are imported look-alike ramps being sold that could be confused with our product.  The original Shore Ramp PWC-50 is sold here on www.shoreramp.com.  We also sell on Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, and elsewhere, but we always sell under the brand name Lakeside Recreation.

Occasionally, customers having problems with those other ramps contact us in confusion (and we actually answer the phone).

Some of the unfortunate problems people have reported with some of the other ramps include:

  • Bad Winch
  • Poor Side to Side Stiffness
  • Missing Parts
  • Missing Instructions
  • Corroded / Failed Fasteners (wheels literally fell off)

    We helped this customer who had our competitors ramp fail.

    Another newcomer copy-cat is the one with the blue rollers.  The photos show only 14 rollers (some of their ad copy claims 16).  Their rollers are also spaced further apart than our 18 rollers leaving less support for the hull of your PWC.  Overall length is almost a foot shorter, and they have no extension available.  

    Be sure and check the customer reviews on those other ramps for yourself and compare to ours.

    (If you already purchased a competing model and experience problems, we can probably help you out with a replacement winch or some real stainless fasteners)