Lakeside Recreation Shore Ramp
  • Shore Ramp Extension Kit 7.5 Feet

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    Shore Ramp Extension Kit 7.5 

    Extends the Shore Ramp PWC-50 by 7.5 feet for use where water levels fluctuate or it is desired to get larger watercraft further out of the water.

    Important installation notes: 

    The Extended Shore Ramp is not intended nor structurally strong enough to support the weight of a PWC without being supported by the added middle foot.  It may be necessary to grade the underlying soil/sand so as to provide a straight slope along the length of the ramp.  This may involve either building up the grade under the middle of the Extended Shore Ramp, or removing any soil that is humped up too high under the middle of the ramp.

    If using the Extended Shore Ramp to span from the water to the top of a low sea wall, rip-rap, or dock, it will be necessary to build a structural support for the middle of the ramp.  Any such support must be sturdy, stable, and durable.  In such cases, it is recommended that the Shore Ramp be fastened to the structure using bolts installed through holes drilled near the end of the Front Foot and Middle Foot. 

    This extension kit is suitable for use with the "M4" version of Shore Ramp PWC-50 manufactured starting in 2018 or newer (please contact us if you wish to extend an older Shore Ramp).

    Pre-Production Release: At this time, we are marketing the pre-production batch of kits which vary slightly from the final production version.  Notably, they are only 86 inches long, not 90 and the wheel spacing is 14 inches, compared to 15 inches of the M4 Shore Ramp.