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Assembly & Use Instruction Downloads

Shore Ramp PWC-50
Shore Ramp DIY Wood Kit
Electric Winch Kit
Solar Charging Battery Box

Assembling the Cotter Pins

Shipping Damage Or Missing Parts?

We pack the Shore Ramp kits in sturdy fiberboard crates with wood blocks stapled into each end.  It is unusual for any shipping damage to occur, but UPS is very busy these days and sometimes heavier boxes like these are being handled a bit more roughly than they should.

In the unlikely event your Shore Ramp box arrives damaged or broken open, please do the following:
  • Report the damage immediately to the UPS driver when the box is delivered.  Have them log the package as arriving damaged or opened.
  • Take some photos of the box as it arrived, showing the damage.
  • When you open the box, check the contents against the parts list in the instructions and note if anything is missing (or damaged).
Contact us, and we will be happy to send you any needed replacement parts.  In return, we ask that you assist us in making a damage claim with UPS by providing documentation that the package was damaged in transit.