Lakeside Recreation

Our Best Ramp, Ever.

With the improvements we have made over the years to the original, our latest PWC-50 M4 version is the highest quality, heaviest-duty, and most durable ramp we have ever made.

·       Always made from American-made extrusions in high strength grades of aluminum.  (Inch-sized, not metric)

·       Assembled with stainless hex bolts threaded into hard stainless steel nuts that can be fully tightened to 236 in-lbs.   No allen-head screws threaded into soft aluminum that can be easily stripped if over-tightened.

·       Proper lubricant is provided to assemble the stainless fasteners without risk of them sticking (galling).

·       Upgraded the winch to a heavier-duty model made to our specifications.

·       An optional, all-stainless winch upgrade is also available for those on salt water.

·       For the ultimate in convenience, we offer a 12v electric winch upgrade as well.

·       The cross-foot connection is now bolted directly to the main beam for stiffness and strength.  This eliminates side sway and any possibility of your PWC tipping.

·       The cross foot now sits flat when embedded into the soil.  This avoids any sharp corners sticking up which can be a painful hazard to bare feet.

·       For those on water bodies with large waves or fluctuating levels, we offer the longest extension - a full 7.5 feet can be added to the ramp.

·       We ship our ramps via UPS to your door in a fiberboard & wood crate (not cardboard) that is practically impervious to shipping damage and loss of parts.


Note: Some of the photos on our website still show the earlier versions of our ramp to illustrate the usage.  The M4 version has the bolted joint in the main beam and the flat cross-foot.  The older design has the triangular side plates connecting the wider winch strut.